today’s note

so i write.  like over hundred blogger-crafty-i-can-turn-a-tin-can-into-a-priceless-vase moms out there….i am here.  i am a lucky mom of three, undescribably wonderful children.  i craft.  i re-work antiques and i drool over all that is second hand. 

so what.

it was pointed out to me recently, that purpose…real purpose for doing things in life is often far removed from its actual outcome.   it is through this thought that i can speak loudly to all those like me….those of us wanting our gifts to be known, our talents to be praised…for our craft to be ooohed and awed.  But for what outcome?  Perhaps today’s note is that there needn’t be any super outcome.  I will share what i know and what i love for the sake of what it is…a piece of beauty, a piece of me. 

i welcome you to enjoy the high note…many wonderful uses for vintage music in craft form.  through pictures, how-to’s, narratives and the like…i hope you can look at this new craft as a way to go beyond purpose to the high notes we all tend to hit at some point in our lives.

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