today’s note–why the vintage music stuff?

if you are like me, you took a lesson….piano, flute, clarinet…some music at some point. if you didn’t, you at least recognize a page of music and what a note of music looks like…the contours of its shape and the way it moves on a page.

an old piece of music is much like an old, rare book.  yellowed pages, torn edges….a loved, worn cover perhaps.  

and yes, today’s pottery barn commercialism has captured the beauty of old books and music (although faux) in its decor trend setting.  

but for me, the reworking of old music is about much more than decor.  it is about eliciting the sounds of our past…historically and personally.  the first known written music was recorded in about 4000 b.c… as we know it recorded in the 9th century.  and, unlike books, the art of reading music is universal…it knows no language or cultural barriers.

today’s note is about remembering the old music of our lives…. something that is bigger than ourselves.  why wouldn’t we preserve this and re-work in into something artistic and beautiful? 

oh, and maybe into something a bit crafty, too.



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2 thoughts on “today’s note–why the vintage music stuff?

  1. “the art of reading music is universal…it knows no language or cultural barriers.” For someone who plays music actively and works all day on making a language universal, this thought never occurred to me. Thanks for Today’s Note!

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