today’s note-character and crafting

Gertrude Sharp.  a woman born on today’s date in 1900.  her parents immigrated from Germany and settled eventually in (of all places) Western Nebraska.  as a person growing up in the depression, she kept everything.  however, i have always wondered, if it is that the folks of this era actually “kept everything”, or more accurately, if it was that they just never threw anything away.

i think the latter was the case with Gertrude.  stacks and stacks of used margarine tubs in her basement, mason jars, minuscule scraps of thread and fabric and ah yes…..boxes and boxes of sheet music.

i have learned through Gertrude, vacuum sealed containers for storage were not a priority for keeping things in her generation.  as such, we are finding important artifacts, antiques and documents in horrible condition…oftentimes unreadable or unusable.  her beloved sheet music fell victim to the harshness of time and music publishers of the late 19th and early 20th century obviously were not hip to acid free paper.

unlike the margarine tubs, the wonderfully worn pages of Gertrude’s music mean something.  it meant something to her as she loved the art.  so no matter how unruly, those boxes of music never got thrown out.


today’s note is one of a happy 112th birthday to you, Gertrude and a note of sincerest gratitude to you… grandmother.

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