today’s note–the friday frolic

each Friday will be a day to 

 kick up your heels,

Marchez Vous - Ines Linen

  let down your hair,

WHOLESALE lot of 25 partially lined MINI SIZE single prong alligator clips U Pick Colors

count your blessings from the week,

NUMBERS 1-10 round Digital Images


see a new how-to from the high note (yay)!                                                                                                                                                                                 

vintage music punched paper

this little darling will be the easiest you will do ever!  if you read my post from yesterday, you learned that i came across a wealth of old music from my grandmother.  you can also acquire old music from the following:

  1. garage sale or estate sales
  2. or
  3. inquiring with your neighborhood music teacher, church or school
  4. relatives or friends

after you have acquired your music do the following:

  1. jump for have found a treasure!
  2. store in a cool, dry place to prevent further aging or damage
  3. separate music pages from covers (use for those covers will come later!)

to do the above:

  1. use any craft punch
  2. pick area on music that is the most visually interesting
  3. carefully punch shape out
  4. embellish with stickers, brads or ribbon


  1. handmade cards
  2. scrapbooking
  3. tags
  4. name cards

today’s note:

get your thrifting-antiquing-garage-saleing shoes on and look for that wonderful box of old music!

have a good weekend,





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