today’s note–stars and stripes

vintage music star spangled banner

notice the handwriting at the top....

good monday morning everyone….. 

isn’t this sheet music cover amazing?  this is one i definitely keep together and stored in a special place.  i can’t bring myself to tear any precious piece of this even though the sheets of music are ripped and unreadable.  

my high note from the weekend came from watching my children excel, succeed and pretty much rock at their respective activities over the two days (insert boasting mom smile here…).  moments of pure heart-busting joy consumed me as i experienced  nervousness transform in to a throw your hands up in the air “i did it”  excitement.

 but unexpectedly, i was moved by another moment.  the four minutes when everyone stopped, stood, put a hand to their heart and sang the star spangled banner…our national anthem. 

you can most likely draw your own wonderful correlations with the song, our country and the image of the old sheet music shown here.

  i know what it means for me.

 todays note is one of preservation.  the inability for any of us to continue to tear down something precious…no matter how lost, unreadable or worn it might be.   i will contine to cheer on my children, relish in their achievements and yes, hit the notes of our anthem. 

especially the high ones.


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