today’s note–tax day blues

it doesn’t seem fitting to greet you all with “happy tax day”…not one of my favorite days for certain.  so patriotic yesterday….perhaps not so much today when i have to turn over a bit of hard earned cash……

but perhaps this will brighten your day….

take a look at this page from the ETUDE magazine April 15, 1949…..

orignial re-dos

isn’t this fantastic!!  what is so wonderful about it is that us shabby chic furniture “re-workers” would kill to get a hold of the orignial “ugly buffet”!  Too funny!

even sixty years ago there was an outlet for folks to re -do, re- organize and re-use. 

oh, and it was to store re-cords to boot!

hopefully, today’s note from a tax day 63 years ago helped to put perspective on the fact that despite a higher rate of tax, not much has changed for most of us. 

or at least it just gave you a chuckle…..


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