today’s note–uninspired Mondays….and Tuesdays

a soccer game, a football game, some gardening, a project or two, church, some family time….all of which point to a normal, yet brief two days of a weekend.  friday always brings excitement, energy…something to look forward to…two whole days! let’s utilize every waking minute and not waste a second with idle hands…right?   whoo..hoo! what a weekend…wasn’t it great?

and then comes monday….and then tuesday….

where did the inspiration go? 

buried deep within the mundane is my guess. 

today’s quick note is wearing the garb of a question:  if inspiration finds itself only within the parameters of the weekend…what lies behind the inspiration? 

what truly inspires you?

this is what inspires me….perhaps it will last the whole week….

” write music with an exclamation point!”
Richard Wagner, composer 1813 – 1883


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