Friday’s How-to—Music Pocket

oh how we love those cute and SUPER EASY projects!

Ready?  ok, here’s the how-to for you……


select your fave music sheet or even a wonderful old sheet music cover.

SECOND….the front of the pocket

cut a piece of the music lenghtwise to your desired width of the front portion of your pocket.  take that piece and then cut it to your desired length.  the finished front of the  project shown is approx. 4″ wide by 5″ long.

THIRD….the back of the pocket

you can choose a piece of your favorite scrapbook paper or use another piece of sheet music.  cut this piece to match the same width of your front, but it will need to be at least 1″ longer in length.

FOURTH…paper punch

i used a border type paper punch to add some zing to the tops of the front/back of the pocket.  you can leave it plain or use craft scissors to get the same effect.


don’t have a laminator?  no worries!  you can take your favorite sheet music and decorative paper to any office supply store and have them laminated….for pennies!  you can also substitute 4 x 6 page pockets from an old photo album to get the same outcome.

SIXTH….attach front to back

you can stick this cutie in your sewing machine and sew both sides and bottom.  make sure to not to sew the sides all the way to the top so as to leave wiggle room for the goodies to go inside the pocket.  You don’t have to sew!  use decorative staples, punch holes and thread ribbon or use your handy dandy glue gun!!


here are just a few of the many possible uses….

a handy pencil holder for your cork board..stick a magnet on the back on put this baby in your locker!

use as a cute holder for gift cards and attach to a gift bag

use your glue gun an attach to your kiddos music bag...piano teachers (you know who you are) this is a great gift for students!

how did you use yours?!!  send me a photo and leave a comment!

 have an all inspiring weekend!dcb


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