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 i include it in  today’s note so that all of us “crafty moms” take note as to what is really important.  i have been to their stores and although it will be said to see such creativity leave that market place, i commend them for doing what is right for their families.  on the plus side, if you live in the Billings, MT area–there are deals to be had!

I have always been a firm believer that change is a good thing. Not easy. Kinda scary. But, generally takes you down a path that leads right to where you need to be.   

 18 years ago, this June, our lives made a drastic change as we embarked on an unknown called Raffia. To say “what were we thinking” is probably something to look back and laugh about.  We knew nothing about retail, let alone what was cool and hip in the world of decorating.  Not really even sure we knew what decorating was after being raised in the middle of nowhere with no power, an old farm house sink, wash boards, mud pies and cows.   

 ut somewhere along the way I think our parents instilled in us the confidence to believe in ourselves, trust our instincts, throw in a bit of luck, have a little faith and just work hard!

 I know at the time we had no idea what this place named Raffia would bring to us. The employees who became like mothers at a time when we were broken hearted, grandmothers to our children and sisters to us. And, the customers who became more than just friends, but more like family as we shared our lives through the years.  It was no different as we embarked on Sisters. We trusted our gut, threw a little caution to the wind, cleaned out our storage, and jumped on for another amazing ride.

 It was this January when we were making our spring buying travels to market that we decided it was once again time for a change. 25 hours in a car together has always led us to do our best talking, creative ideas and soul searching.  And while it has taken us these past four months to get up the nerve to make the change, we’ve decided it is time to move forward.

 As many of you know our dad passed away this past fall. And home is calling.  We believe that we owe it to our folks and our families to have the time to go to The Valley (there is only one valley isn’t there?) and make it for our children what it was and is for us.  And while Raffia and Sisters is our passion, ranching and agriculture is our lives and our hearts.

 As of Monday, April 30, we will begin closing both Raffia and Sisters.  Starting Monday, everything will be on sale (including fixtures) starting at 20 percent off.  We will be starting the “official” sale on Wednesday, May 2, but want to give you an opportunity to shop first so you will have a couple of days to shop for your favorites.

 As we move forward, you will be the first to know new discounting, sale information and things that will be coming down the road through the blog and the newsletter.

 Within the next few weeks, we expect to have the stores empty and hope to be closed by June 10th – the 18th year anniversary of Raffia opening.

 So let’s enjoy the ride – the memories, relationships, laughter and the tears we have shared over the years.

We will forever be grateful to you…more than you will truly ever know.    All our love, and forever gratitude.

 Lori and Lynda

have a good monday…..


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