the Friday how-to–framed sheet music cover

happy friday….

oh those flowers of spring…i do love them so. …

here is a quick how-to and a wonderful way to reuse those beautiful covers from all that sheet music. 

 all you need:

* a frame (the above beauty was 1.00 at a garage sale whoo-hoo)

* your sheet music cover (or meaningful piece of sheet music, you choose)

* some ribbon

* a tape runner or glue gun

*your favorite embellshments

*and of course, your creativity.

first…select your embellishments

ribbon, flowers, chipboard, found objects…whatever catches your fancy.  make a flower out of ribbon!  the possibilities are endless….

second…position your ribbon and secure with a tape runner/glue.

third…arrange your embellishments. 

i used my fave ribbon and coordinated spring colors that  make me happy.  for a tutorial on how to make ribbon flowers go to

fourth…attach/insert into frame

play around using different embellishments, positioning and initials!  attach to music cover with tape runner or glue gun.

here is to your own “rustling of spring”  and here is wishing you a wonderful weekend.



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