today’s note–the song of motherhood

today’s quick note—a precursor if you will, to mother’s day…. that day when we will devote all of our thoughts and praises to our moms.

and rightly so.  our mothers do so much for us and will continue their unceasing duties of love, (from earth or above) in years to come.

perhaps it all goes a bit deeper than the sugary sweet sentiments we will give to our beloved madres on Sunday.

our mothers represent memories…precious, dear, forlorn and often bittersweet memories of our childhood.  and nothing evokes those memories than the sound…the music of our mother’s voice.

it has been said, and i believe this to be true, that we can identify our mother’s voice even among the sound of a  hundred other maternal voices presented to us at the same time.

it is the song of motherhood.


thank your mom for her song….for better or worse…it is one only the two of you know how to sing.



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