the friday how-to–a mother’s day card giveaway

horray! it is almost mother’s day!! if you read wednesday’s note you will already know the theme of these cute and very easy mother’s day cards.

but wait! there’s more!

i have a giveaway today!

stay tuned to the bottom of this post…..

how-to: Mother’s Day card

first: get your supplies

*a blank card for decorating

*your fave piece of vintage music (or other really cool paper)
*A quote about Motherhood from your computer, a fave image about Mothers, a photo….you choose!

*some embellishments—flowers, ribbon, found objects–be sentimentally creative!

*runners tape or other paper adhesive

second: Cut your music to fit your card

third:  adhere music to card

using a tape runner  (recommended) or glue place the music on your card. You may wish to leave a bit of a border around your vintage piece. I chose this piece of music that was a bit frayed and had blue type ink—fabulous!

fourth: Print out your quote/image

check out my blog roll for the link to the daily drop cap. this genius has designed several capital letters for blogging, crafting and the like. that is where i got my “M”. i just copied and pasted to a word document and then added my own words. i also chose to print out on paper i tore out from an old journal. you can use regular paper, cardstock, or get fancy with vellum!

fifth: cut and place your print out on your card and embellish!

place your print out using your tape runner or glue anywhere you wish on your card. i used some cute little flowers, but just about anything special to tack on there will do!

Ok…so here is the fun part!
i am giving away a set of four of these cuties!! “but, it’s too close to mother’s day,” you say? “I will never get them in time,” you claim!
not to worry! i will still give you four cards, but the winner gets to choose the theme! (thank you, hello, birthday, fathers day etc.).

to win:
-like this blog
-leave a comment here

for extra giveaway entries you can:
-like on facebook or tweet about it
-reblog on your blog

the more ways you enter the better your chances to win! 

have a great weekend and for you moms….a very blessed mother’s day.



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