Turn the light on, baby! the Friday How-to….music lampshade

As promised..the Friday how-to….

If you like decoupage then this is definitely the right project for you and as always…it is pretty and simple.

first:  gather materials

*your selected vintage music (paper from an old dictionary or book works too!)

*scissors or paper cutter

*decoupage glue such as Mod Podge (high gloss works best)

*brush or sponge to apply glue

*lamp shade .  use shades made from cotton, linen or muslin.  satin shades are not recommended for this project.  you can find shades at your local housewares store or craft store.  or, you can purchase a cool lamp with blank shade ready for decorating.

second:  cut music/paper

i prefer cutting to tearing.  it gives the project a cleaner look.  cut into squares or rectangles of varying sizes.  you can cut as you go, so you can get the shape size necessary to fit on your shade.

third: apply glue

you will need to apply your decoupage glue to both the shade and the back of the paper.  if you are familiar with this type of glue, then you know a little goes a long way…..!

fourth:  apply paper to shade

apply squares to the entire shade.  if there are gaps between the pieces of paper, you can go back and fill in with smaller pieces at the end.  or, you can leave the gaps if you like the look.  if you have “bubbles” from the glue on your paper, dont worry!  be patient and let the project dry thoroughly.  9 times out of 10 the bubbles will go away after it is dry.  if not, apply a small amount of water to your finger and smooth over the bubbly part to flatten.

fifth:  final top coat of glue

after your shade had dried and you are beaming with pride over it…apply a very thin coat of your decoupage glue over the entire project.  this will give the shade a nice sheen and finished look.

and speaking of finished…..

send me your ideas and photos when you’re done!

good weekend to you!



5 thoughts on “Turn the light on, baby! the Friday How-to….music lampshade

  1. This idea is so cool! I just recently got an apartment and was looking for a cheap way to decorate it, and this is just what I needed! Thanks so much! I’ll probably use an old book instead however, maybe some of my favorite poetry.

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