the friday how-to–music garland

it’s friday!

over the long and inspiring weekend you may want to get your craft on and do this music garland!  an easy and elegant way to show those wonderful photos, kid projects, party banner and more!

ok…first:  cut your paper strips

you will want to cut your music, book paper or favorite scrapbooking paper (or a combo of each…yay) in approximately 3″ x 11 1/2″ strips.  you can make them wider, but i would not recommend making the strips any longer. you will want your loops to be nice and round.

second: make your loops

using a tape runner or double-sided tape, apply adhesive to one end of your strip.  then, take the other end and place underneath affixing to the exposed side of your adhesive.  viola! you now have your first loop.  the proceeding strips will be strung through the loops before the ends are taped together.

third: string your loops together

interlock your loops togther and attach the ends of each loop with your tape runner or double-sided tape.  you can make this as long or as short as you would like.  i tied tule ribbon at the end of this garland to give it a bit of a finish.

fourth:  attach inspiring photos/artwork

you can use paper clips, binder clips or clothes pins.  you like the music covered clothespins?  they will be in another friday how-to so keep an eye out for it!

hoping you have a wonderful, restful  long weekend full of inspiring moments to remember.



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