The Friday How-to– easy music envelopes

a happy first Friday to you all…..

before we get to today’s fab how-to….

the winner of wednesday’s giveaway goes to……….

charming trinity!

congrats…you won a package of vintage music!

you all should check her out on  !!

ok, back to the business of the how-to….

these snappy diy envelopes are super easy and extremely versatile!

first:  select your music sheet

most vintage sheet music runs about 11″ by 14″ long.  this is a great size for a larger envelope.  you can cut your page down  depending on what size envelope you need.  this how-to will be using the entire sheet and making a larger envelope.  finished size:  5″ by 7 1/2″.

second: the folding of your envelope

working lengthwise, fold the bottom edge up approx. 1 1/2″ to 2″.

fold corners down to meet edge

take each side and fold in to the middle; overlapping folds

third:  punch holes to attach folds

working from the inside of your envelope, punch a hole going through all inside folds from both the top and bottom of your envelope.

fourth:  run ribbon, twine or string through the holes

tada!  and just look at all these uses!!

small gift card holder

large greeting card envelope

gift envelope for your handmade soap

hey!  go to  to get your scrumptious soap ideas to go along with your new fancy envelope!

used frappachino bottle with herbs…..great hostess gift!

photo envelope

show me what you used yours for!!   send me your pics!

have a terrific weekend!    dcb


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