Light it up! Friday How-to—music wrapped candle

Good Friday everyone…

ok...i finally figured out how to do these fancy music wrapped candles that are becoming so popular everywhere.  and, i spent a whopping $2.50!!  i bought a two pack of regular candles from the Lobby (my personal slang for Hobby Lobby) for 4.99.  a bargain compared to what these babies retail for….


first:  dig out the oh-so-ancient-i-haven’t-used-since-1994 heat gun

come on…you know you have one somewhere….if not, you can buy one at your local hardware/craft/hobby store.  they are actually inexpensive and will come in handy on other projects.  i found this element key to the project as the heat gun allows for an even, smooth surface on your candle.  also, it prevents bumps on the surface caused by using glue or other adhesives (like i have seen on similar projects).

second: copy/print out your image on to tracing paper

yes, tracing paper.  it works better than parchment or tissue paper and is easy to work with.  you can copy directly to your tracing paper using a copy machine (shown) or print directly to your paper using a downloaded image.  cut your tracing paper to fit size of your candle.

third:  adhere paper to candle

use a thin piece of tape or better a vellum tape runner (shown) on both ends of your paper.  tightly wrap paper around candle.  using your heat gun, carefully heat paper around candle making sure you completely cover the entire surface with heat.  this process melts the candle just enough so that the paper will mold nicely to the candle and you will get a nice smooth surface.

embellish and….

there you go!

super easy, right?  and if you want a more ‘antiqued’ look, use a cream candle and off-white paper.  you can also use an image from a book, comic strip or children’s book to make a nifty nursery accessory!  enjoy!

have a blessed weekend.   dcb


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