The Friday How-2–stamped muslin diy

a joyful Friday to you all!

thought i would mix things up a bit a do a different diy today…..very simple stamped muslin.

you can get muslin at any fabric store….i always keep a yard or two on hand because i love the earthy feel of the fabric and it is very versatile to use.

the key to this diy is a nifty product called StazOn.

find it online or at any craft store….and this stuff is true to its name…it really stays on just about anything…

for this diy i chose to wrap small votive candles, but you can use your creativity and cover your fave object.

first…cut your muslin

measure your object and cut your muslin to size.  I used pinking shears to add some texture to my strip.

second….stamp your muslin strip

you can use any of your stamps and this particular ink will clean up just like your regular ink pads would.

third…affix muslin to your object

i used some hot glue to adhere this to my votive…not too much as your muslin is thin and it will seep through the fabric.

embellish and you are finished.

 I made these for my BFF’s birthday…it is her favorite verse…Galatians 2:20.  you can also use them for a wedding gift…spell out the date of their wedding…cute huh?


buy these spice bags at your local market,  and put your favorite dried herbs for a quick sachet.


let me know what you come up with and make sure to have a safe and happy weekend!



5 thoughts on “The Friday How-2–stamped muslin diy

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