the Friday How-2….diy cake stand

It’s Friday!  If you are like me….my days are all messed up with the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday…

Hit a wondrous estate sale, however and picked up an old English toile plate and a candle holder….the perfect makings for today’s how-2.

Your supply list:

1.  an old ceramic plate of your choice

2. a flat topped candle holder

3. spray paint of your color choice

4. glue gun

5. Gorilla glue or some other permanent glue

6. sandpaper

first: sand your candle holder

you don’t have to do a thorough job…just enough to rough it up a bit so the paint will stick.

second:  spray your candle holder

spray evenly to avoid dripping and let dry completely.

third:  prepare plate

while paint is drying you can:

measure the bottom portion of your plate to obtain the center.

fourth:  affix candle holder to plate

using your center marking, trace around your candle holder (top).  (don’t you love my daughter’s festive manicure?)

following the directions for your permanent glue, apply a thin layer to your traced circle (plate) and the top of your candle holder.

attach candle holder to plate.

apply a layer of hot glue around where the candle holder and plate meet.  this will insure a solid hold and make the plate more stable on top of the candle holder.  let dry completely and turn over your now….awesome cake stand.

and there you go!!

have a great weekend….and eat some cake!


15 thoughts on “the Friday How-2….diy cake stand

  1. What a cute idea! I love the way it came out! (And I love the idea of putting fruit on a cake stand…such a fun use for a piece that usually only comes out when I’m entertaining!)

  2. yes! since i don’t make many cakes…i use these for so many other things….set a bowl of flowers on them, fruit, your favorite nick-nack, candles…it gives height to whatever you are displaying. have fun with it!

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