The Friday How-2….Craft Camp place mat

Happy, Happy Friday everyone!

So, DIY number uno for the upcoming camp of crafting…..

Besides posting our craft and other activities on a big chalkboard in the kitchen, the girls and I decided that we would also make place mats that  would have this and other pertinent info…..namely, the all important menu.

the above is merely a print out of the menu/activities from my computer attached to a 12 x12 piece of scrapbook  paper. I inserted the paper into a clear scrapbook sleeve and did a quick stitch all the way around on my sewing machine.   You could also seal the open edge with double-sided tape….works just as well.

I took a hole punch to punch a hole through a piece of ribbon and the paper to insert the flower brad/ribbon.  I used this ribbon to tie on a dry erase marker.  The girls can then write on the place mat or have fun doodling during meal times.

so for you grown-ups not attending this year’s CC….here is a nice touch to your summer lunch table…

same concept….except i cut my scrapbook paper down to 8 1/2″ x 11″ , printed my image directly on to the paper and then ran it through my laminator.    I did a similar project a few months ago that also involved this technique.  you can also use old photo album/scrapbook sleeves with double-sided tape if you do not have access to lamination.

 Use a dry erase marker to write in your menu…keep and reuse!


have a great weekend!



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