today’s note–images to remember

I am a native of  Colorado.

I have lived through the 1993 Summer of violence, 1999 Columbine tragedy, and now the 2012 Aurora movie theatre shooting.

I have also seen most of Colorado ravaged by wildfires this summer and continue to view images of our state on the National news that are sad and often scary.

A I traveled with my family this week in Summit County, Colorado, I was struck by the beauty that we encounter here that most aren’t able to witness.

I hope to replace some of the images from the news that you may have of Colorado in your head.

Perhaps you can just remember these……

from my family to yours….have a safe and happy weekend.  dcb


4 thoughts on “today’s note–images to remember

  1. Beautifully said… the world needs more people like you, helping to remind us of beauty when the news is all about twisted negative things. Incidentally I just wrote a post about how Yahoo! is all about the latter.
    Thanks for making my day! I’m not from Colorado, but I can very much sense where you’re coming from… a place of love and peace!

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