The Friday How-2….easy place mats

It’s Friday!  Time for entertaining and relaxing!

Here is a fun and super easy way to add some unique style to your outdoor summer table.

Two pieces of muslin approximately 12 x 17″ sewn together on all sides with a zig zag stitch.  Obviously not cut perfectly, but over time and washings the “imperfect” edges will fray nicely to give a worn, earthy feel.

I then took my handy stamp letters and Stayz-On ink pad and stamped the word “eat” on the corner.  To learn more about this process click here.

Each place mat had the word for eat in a different language…..Italian, German, Spanish, and Gaelic (Irish) and Chinese.   For the center of the table, I used the word “blessed”  (aren’t we all?)   Instead of name place cards, I used the guest’s  nationality of origin to indicate their place at the table.  A super easy craft and a very fun conversation piece!

Don’t forget about the kiddos!  Laminated place mats with all the foreign words for “eat” were set for the kids along with their own dry erase marker for doodling.

Have a good weekend and hopefully some fun eating!



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