The Crafty Craft Room

Yes, it is true….I am one of those uber-fortunate gals who has her own “cave”….and a wonderful family who allowed me to take up space in the basement remodel plans to have one.

In designing the space, however, I found a lack of resources to help with over all layout and tips for efficient use of space.  So, today’s how-2 will be about the DIY room for the DIY-er (is that a word?)

1.  Storage

only having a total space of 10′ by 12′ (room also needed to house my laundry), I knew storage was going to be an issue.  I also knew that if I didn’t see my inventory of craft wares, I would forever have closed cabinets stuffed with duplicate items and over bought supplies.   Two large storage cabinets flank wide built in shelving.  I adhered 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to the wall behind the shelf to add a finished look.   These were unfinished cabinets from Lowes and my husband and I built the shelves.  High gloss green paint from Home Depot.

2.  Counter Space

Counters are a laminate remnant from a construction job site….this stuff is all over Craigs list or your local internet garage sale sites so don’t spend money buying new.  It is meant to be glued on, marked on and roughed up!  This counter top is roughly 6 feet long…I can get a ton done on it.

3.  Work lighting

I did spend some dough on this, but I think it is really important (especially in a basement area with no natural light) to have under cabinet lighting.   This type of lighting comes in a variety of sizes and prices.  Home Depot or your local lighting store should have a wide selection to choose from.

4.  Walls

Durarock or drywall was painted here with a nice bright yellow (Behr paint , Home Depot).  Again, bright and durable.

5. Storage made cute  

Use found objects to store your goodies like this tin bucket from a garage sale that I use to house my wrapping paper.

6. Floors

Another construction job overstock…12×12 tile with some imperfections, but who cares?  When your kids are doing tie-dye t-shirts and the glue-gun drips on it….you will be glad it was flooring for free.

7.  Laundry storage

Same unfinished cabinets were used above my washer and dryer.   Since hardware for cabinets can also be expensive, I collected old and mis-matched cabinet pulls to use around the room.  I know….super-crafty of me, right?

8.  More Counter  space

Large remnant counter top completely covering the tops of the w/d.  I did this for folding space and for more crafting space.   What is not shown in the pictures is my laundry shoot.  Clothes are deposited through a door on the top floor of the house and come out underneath my craft counter in to a handy laundry basket.

9.  More cute storage

I found this paper towel rack at my local craft store for cheap….holds most any size ribbon spool.  Just pull and cut!

10.  Mounted storage

My ironing board fits nicely on this mounted storage rack which also holds my ironing board.  So much easier than having it up all the time or having to drag it out of a hall closet.

11.  Large Utility sink

A must!  I didn’t think I would use it half as much as I do.  It has nice paint marks and scuff marks from so many projects.  No more using the bathroom or kitchen sink!

12.  My guilty pleasure

Why do only the guys get the televisions in their caves?

I do really have to credit my sweet husband for most of the DIY on this DIY room–he made sure we finished this room before any of the others!!

Would love to hear your comments and questions!  If you have a craft cave send me a pic!

Enjoy the weekend.  dcb


10 thoughts on “The Crafty Craft Room

  1. I “heart” your craft room! I would seriously lock myself in to work if I had a room like that…and maybe my laundry would be caught up! The laundry chute is such a great idea.

  2. I am so jealous! Positively GREEN! I have the use of the spare room,most of which is filled by a double bed. But the bit I am most envious of is the sink! So great! No more worry about paint and dye. My kitchen sink is black and shows up everything.

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