The Friday How-2–baby keepsake photo holder

good end of week to you…

new baby in the neighborhood….can’t just give the kid a blankie from Target…have to have something homemade and cute…..

Here is the how to:

FIRST….Paint and cover a plain piece of unfinished wood…any size or shape.  Most craft stores carry unfinished wood boards for crafting.  Your local hardware store will also cut you a piece if you say please….

don’t worry about bumps with your glue or decoupage….you will cover most of the background anyway…

SECOND:  a bit of the high notes….add some vintage music, pages from your favorite children’s book and the like.

these music pages are from a very old church hymnal.  I thought it fitting for this baby gift since he was an answered prayer!

THIRD….Add your embellishments.  I used chip board letters for the baby’s initials, a rub-on sentiment, and  a piece of scrap ribbon…

FOURTH:  Stamp on the baby’s date of birth.  use your stamp and ink of choice!  I titled the numbers to give a bit more character to the piece….

FIFTH:  Add your picture holder.  These clips are at any office supply store and can easily be attached with a glue gun.  You can also shake a can of spray paint at it to change the color of t he clip if you’d like….

and there you go!  One super cute homemade keepsake for new baby.  the great thing about this diy is that the mommy can keep changing out the pictures as the baby grows!

have a great weekend everyone!  dcb


4 thoughts on “The Friday How-2–baby keepsake photo holder

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