The Friday How-to: rethinking wall space

Ok….another estate sale…this time with BFF from Montana….

“what are these?”  she mused,  “I don’t know, but aren’t they uber cool?”  I quipped….”and I must have them….”

And so, one latte and $7.00 later said BFF and I were loading above items into my car.

Truth be known.   I have know idea what these are…and if you know, keep it to yourself because I am sure I have now destroyed their original purpose and re-used them for my own decorating hubris.

Today’s highnote is celebrating that wonderful side to all of us that rethinks the traditional.  In this case, some boring wall space.

Donned with one single framed picture….I knew I needed to give a large wall in my family room a face lift.  Down the picture went and up went the new found objects that I decided to use as wall decor and a place to hang some small photos.

Here’s how that went:

i loved how the original looked, however, my wall was a light color already so I decided to paint them black.  I then went hard with the finishing sand paper to bring back their “oldness”.

leftover curtain clips and antique numbered nail heads were ideas to hang the pictures from the objects.

a red frame to break up the scene with color and shape….of course some vintage sheet music, and some recent landscape photos (I can change out super easy) made an otherwise boring wall now somewhat interesting….

the titles for the sheet music are no accident….our family room is full of “Moorish Dances” and plenty of “pillow fights”–

Is’t everyone’s?

have a great weekend….dcb


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