The Friday How-2 is “4 Santa”……

Happy Week’s End everyone!

Today’s how to is actually a variation of an awesome blog I saw on sweetlittlethang.  Her blog inspired me to try this out!


white plate and mug  (I found these on clearance at Target, and I have also seen them at the dollar (pound) store)

your favorite stamp and any stamping ink


First:  Stamp your image on to your plate and mug.  If you mess up during this process, I have found that a little squirt of Shout or Spray-n-wash makes the ink come right off and you can start over.

Second:  After you have your stamped image the way you wish, stick the plate and mug right in your oven….yes, I said oven!   Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  You can set them right on your oven racks.

This process “bakes” the ink on to the mug and plate so it will never smear and it becomes instantly dishwasher safe (as long as your plate and mugs are dishwasher safe).  Pretty cool, right?

So, these are for Santa’s treats on Christmas eve.  I intend to pair them with a super awesome “Santa Snack Mat” from myfivelittlepeppers who also brought you the amazing Mug Rug.

Other ideas:

This same process as you will find on the sweetlittlethang blog can be done with a Sharpie pen.   Have your kiddos write a note to Santa or Rudolf on the plates and/or a message for him on the mug.  It also makes a great gift by stamping initials, names or colorful stamped images.

Whatever the image–it won’t come off or smear!!

Happy Baking!  dcb

8 thoughts on “The Friday How-2 is “4 Santa”……

  1. Wow!That’s awesome thanks for sharing this..I was knocking my head against a wall trying to come up with something unique and inexpensive for a 21st birthday…Now, I have an idea and I give thanks to you:)

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