The Friday How-2–Birthday Blocks

It’s Friday!  And, we are just days away from a very important 9th birthday for middle daughter who insists on growing up faster than I gave her permission to do….

So, for the birthday girl’s centerpiece decor,  this mom thought to highlight just how quickly time is passing by making these “birthday blocks”.


Any scrap block wood; craft stores usually sell them in bags of ten or so

Your favorite paint or spray paint

stamps or embellishments

Glue dots or other strong adhesive


Super Simple How-2:

Print your pictures out to desired size (pics shown are printed in a “wallet” size

Paint your blocks in your desired colors

Stamp or embellish each block after paint has dried

attach pictures with glue dots, mounting squares or other strong adhesive

Other Ideas:

Thanksgiving Centerpiece or place card holder with pictures of family and embellished with a “Give Thanks” theme

Christmas Decor with old family pictures of Christmas past, or current Christmas photos.

I will bring these to you as I do them….stay tuned!

You have more creative “block” ideas?  Spill it!

have a great weekend!  Happy Birthday to my sweet girl!   dcb


6 thoughts on “The Friday How-2–Birthday Blocks

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