The Friday How-to: Music Wrapped Initial

It is a cold and snowy Friday here in Colorado…..

Get out your modge podge…..time for another decoupage project….!


Wood or chip board initial.  You can make yourself or conveniently buy at your local craft shop.

Old/unusable sheet music, book page, dictionary page or page from a children’s book.

Decoupage glue

scissors/pencil for tracing

embellishments of choice


First:  Trace letter on to paper sheet.  Use two sheets as you will be cutting to cover both sides of letter.


Cut out your image (remember to cut two).  Make sure you are relatively exact on this part….


Apply a thin layer of decoupage to your letter first and then a coat to the back side of your cut image.  Place paper on letter and match up all sides.  If you happen to be a bit off, you can add paper and/or trim later.  Lastly, add a thin coat of decoupage to the entire top of letter.  You will do this to both sides.

Let letter dry completely and I promise any “bumps”  with your paper will go away.

Embellish or leave plain and there you go….

These are awesome for a wedding gift as you can embellish the date of their wedding right on to the letter.  Also great for a baby gift with their date of birth.  For a Christmas mantle….just embellish with a Christmas theme.  The possibilities are endless!

Have a wonderful weekend….no matter what your weather might be!  dcb


6 thoughts on “The Friday How-to: Music Wrapped Initial

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  2. Can I retain your professioanl services to make me one for my daughter, Rachel, who is going to college as a vocal performer major? I would need it to be a large “R” and to be able to put “push pins” into it – so that she can hang photos of her mom (LOL) and other items on it. Please let me know.

    • i would love to help you!! i think the best way is to go directly to my etsy shop and order one (click on shop at the top of my home page and that will lead you there with a few more clicks). enter SING12 for a 10% discount.
      my letters are made of wood, but i can do a three dimensional letter with chip board as a base. you should be able to gently poke a push pin through that. Also, with it being 3D you can stand it upright on a shelf as well as hanging. let me know if there is anything else you need! dcb

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