Ding! I’ts time to turn the page….

You may not have realized it, but there was no Friday how-2 last week….

I was instead, consumed with moving my dear parents from their home of 50 years to a smaller house nearer to me and our family.

If you have ever done this task, then you know how bitter sweet it can be.  This was the house I grew up in and for better or for worse, I have a truck load the size of a moving van full of memories from that place….

I found a box.   A box full of my old records.   Not vintage sheet music….but definitely vintage music to say the least.  A treasure of unusable possessions.  I am sure that I will find some use for them, but for now, they serve as pleasant reminders of all the high notes of being a kiddo….

If you are a forty-something like me, then you will remember the days of 45 records and the record players that came with the cute dolls that played (although not well) the glam pink and purple plastic cuties that I would listen to for hours on end.

My first LP?  Saturday Night Fever.  A soundtrack that goes to a movie that I can honestly say I have never seen.  It was rated R and I was 8.

My first 45?  Le Freak or “Freak Out” by Chic.  And yes, I had a satin jacket.   And yes, I did a dance to this song in my school’s talent show…..

Who didn’t?!

And who can forget that sound of the bell….instructing us young readers to turn the page as we read along to our favorite books on record….so many of our generation now have a Pavlovian like response to that ding….but instead of salivating, we instinctively have the urge to cuddle with a olive green corduroy pillow and read a Disney story….

Ah…the Little Red Hen….who knew what a precursor to motherhood that one was going to be……?

So, it is time to turn the page…..

Here’s to my house on corner and to all of our childhood homes..may the high notes of those times provoke a good thought or two for you today and in the days to come.


6 thoughts on “Ding! I’ts time to turn the page….

  1. I do remember all of those little 45 records with the story books! I think my parents still have them at their house with a little record player for when the grandkids visit. I hope everything went well with your parents move…I’m sure you will have more piece of mind with them closer!

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