The Friday How-2 Post-Halloween: King Kong meets a can of Izze


As the kids nurture their sugar hangovers….I am sure you miss Halloween already and can’t wait for next October.  Well you are in luck….here is a bit of homemade and how-2 for next year…make sure to bookmark!

These costumes were a big hit for my kiddos and guess what?!  They were EASY!



As an homage to you New Yorkers (whom we are praying for daily) here is a piece of the Big Apple I brought to our Rocky Mountain State.

You acquire three boxes of varying size,  cut the flaps off leaving about 2″ for taping.   Cut a hole big enough for your kiddo’s head on top of  the largest box.  Cut a hole for your kiddo’s face on the front of the medium box.  Using silver duct tape, secure all the boxes together.  Spray with gray primer spray paint and finish with metallic spray paint (if desired).  King Kong is hot glued to a paper towel roll that is also duct taped to the top of the smallest box.  Use thin wire to affix the airplane to the paper towel roll.   Cut out 2″ x 4″ pieces of black construction paper for the windows and print the words “Empire State ”  in the font of your choice off your computer ( I used “Futurex”).



Super simple…..purchase a medium sized collapsible LAWN AND LEAF bin from your local hardware store!!  Spray paint orange, cut holes for arms and head.  Copy and paste the Izze logo and print out on a regular size sheet of paper.  We used colored hairspray for her hair and she wore orange pants and shirt.   Viola!   A great costume for you last minute moms!

These are the pictures and events that make motherhood a privilege  for me.   It is all too apparent to me that the swiftness of time will turn these photos in to a distant memory all too soon.  I savored every minute!  I hope you did as well.

Have a good first November weekend!   dcb



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