The Friday How-to: Save those Christmas Cards!

winter12 736

Happy post Christmas Friday to you all!  I trust that all of you had a very merry holiday and that you are gleefully wading your way through all your newly received Christmas tidings.

I don’t know about you, but every year I receive the most precious holiday cards with pictures of children that would rival any Gap Kids ad….

I save them for a year or two and then what?…..  Reluctantly, most end up in a recycle bin.

I had a friend who would scrapbook every single card…..every single year…..needless to say that labor intensive project doesn’t happen for her anymore.  But, it did give me an idea to create something new out of old cards.

So here is a project that will help reuse those cute cards and give the sender a keepsake of their Christmas greeting for that year.

You will need:

*Christmas type paper (scrapbook or wrapping)

*Hole punch


*Embellishments of your choice


winter12 737

First:  Cut your card down to a smaller size.  For this card (graciously brought to you by Valerie at myfivelittlepeppers)

I cut it almost in half so my project would have a front side or a back side.  Cards with multiple pictures…..cut out our favorites and use for a front and back.


winter12 738

Second:  Place your card images on your Christmas paper and trim to size.  Attach with tape or scrapbook adhesive.


winter12 739 winter12 740

Third:  I laminated this project to help preserve the card, but you definitely don’t have to!  Punch holes with your hole punch on each side and along the bottom edge.  Punch two holes at the top center.


winter12 741

Fourth:  Run your ribbon in and out of the holes along sides and bottom.

winter12 742

Fifth:  Use a different ribbon for the top holes and embellish as you see fit.  Leave enough ribbon at the top for hanging if desired.

winter12 743


winter12 746



* An ornament gift for the sender post-Holiday

*An ornament gift for the sender for next Christmas

*A gift tag for the sender’s Christmas gift next year

* A thank you card for the senders gift to you

* Hang it around a bottle of wine/champagne as a nifty New Years Eve hostess gift

* Have another idea?  Spill it!


Have a very blessed and prosperous New Year!   dcb


8 thoughts on “The Friday How-to: Save those Christmas Cards!

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these ideas!I have bags of cute cards that I don’t know what to do with each year. I have friends that scrapbook them too, but I like this idea 🙂 Cute choice of card 😉

  2. Darilyn,
    You have to be one of the creative people ever! That’s great….I usually have the cards out for some time and then shred them. Thanks for your Fantastic! and I mean fantastic idea:) Have a Great New Year! I look forward to seeing and reading more of your Great ideas.

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