The Friday How-2: DIY Tabletop Water Bottle

winter12 753

It’s Friday!

I wish I could take full credit for today’s DIY, but it came to me as our family was at a wonderful dinner party hosted by my friend Anna.  It was a very clever way to serve water at the table and I fell in love with it!  I put my own “spin” on it and hope that you will do the same…

You will need:

* a clear glass water bottle.  I bought this one at my local market and removed the label with soapy water.

* permanent stamping ink (such as Stayz On) or acrylic paint

* stamps of your choice

* wine stopper.  I also found this at my local grocery….most wine stores carry them as well.

*ribbon and embellishments of choice


winter12 747

Using your permanent ink or paint, apply to your stamp of choice.

Stamp directly onto the clean, dry surface of the glass.   Let dry completely before use.

I used the phrase “u fill my cup” (feel free to copy!) but you can personalize however you wish….date of a special occasion, favorite quote or scripture etc….

The water bottle design will eventually wear off (over several uses and washings), but you can then apply a bit of Goof Off or other paint remover to clean it and start all over!

winter12 752

I wrapped some ribbon around the top for some color, added a tag and topped it with the wine stoppper.

This is a great way to upcycle all those wine bottles from the holidays!  Give your kids a paint brush instead of a stamp and let them decorate some in these last few days before heading back to school.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!  dcb

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