Adorable Apron–Amazing Dad


If you have not checked out the wildly creative blog pillowsalamode….you are missing out….

I had an idea for a Christmas gift for my brother-n-law….yes, a guy….for a sport themed apron.

I put a shout out to Katherine…the master mind behind Pillows a-la-mode.

Viloa!  No less than a week later, I had in my hot little hands this adorable, yet still manly apron for my BnL.

She also threw a cute hand-covered journal in the package just for me!  A BIG thanks to Katherine and the wonderful job she did on this unique gift.

Another shout out goes to the recipient of the apron.  A stay at home Dad (my sis-n-law is an engineer for the aviation industry) and one of the hardest working people I know.  He is doing an incredible job managing domestic life, house rentals and raising three wonderful boys.  Since he does the majority of the cooking…the apron was a perfect fit and I know it will be used and loved.


Happy hump day….dcb


3 thoughts on “Adorable Apron–Amazing Dad

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