Never fear! The end of school is here! Five Quick Teacher Gifts (for cheap!)

It’s that time of year again….end of the year busy-ness that has households of school age children humming.  If you are like me, end of the year teacher gifts have consisted of a Starbucks gift card in a mug I  get in the drive thru line on my way to school on the last day….but how many times can we give the gift of reloadable caffeine to our beloved educators?

So, I have come up with some quick and creative (not to mention inexpensive) teacher gift ideas you can use to please your favorite teachers this year.

teacher gift tag

1.  Your child’s art

Snap a pic of a piece of your child’s art or a quick writing sample, download to your computer and print!  You can add your own text, frame it and give it to your teacher as a keepsake for her/his classroom.  You can also print  multiples on tag board, cut and make pretty note cards for the teacher to use for the next school year.

winter12 753

2. Stamped bottles or mason jars.

Take any jar, recycled Perrier bottle, or frapaccino bottle….wash it up and stamp a cute saying to your teacher right on it,  Use permanent ink or color your stamp with a sharpie to make it washable.  Fill it with flowers, candy or #2 pencils she/he can put right on their desk.

winter12 765

3. All things washi tape

All the hobby stores carry large selections of cute washi tape that can make anything look pretty.  Cover a store bought candle with washi tape and embellish with ribbon.  The tag can say something like “You gave me bright ideas this year” or “You shined the light on my learning this year….”  You can come up with a cute saying to go along with the theme.  Just make sure the candle you are covering is clear glass (the dollar store has these) so the light from the candle flame can shine through the washi tape.

winter13 205

4. For the Teacher’s pet

If your teacher has a dog, then nothing will be more special than homemade, all natural dog treats.  Again, the sentiment can be something like “Doggone you’re a great teacher”.   Your teacher will appreciate that the dog is taking in all the calories!  With just a few ingredients and about a half hour, you can knock this great gift out in no time.

bowl cozy teacher gift microwave bowl cozy

5.  For the teacher’s lounge (or the lounging teacher…)

Here is an awesome tutorial on how to do these quick bowl cozies.  When they are microwaving their noodles or soup in the lunch lounge, they will appreciate the practical nature of this cute gift!  You can pop these right in the microwave and they are machine washable.  I got the bowl at the dollar store and you can use any prepackaged soup!

My tag this year read:

“To thank you teacher for being so cool, here is something to use for lunch at school.

Protect your hands from getting burned and rosy, just use this handy bowl cozy~”

You get the idea…..

So…no gift cards this year!!  Or, at least you can stick the gift cards inside one of these cute gift ideas and your teacher will love it even more!!

Have a great holiday weekend!

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