The Friday How-to: DIY Board Hooks

Happy Friday everyone…..

As if you don’t have enough to put up on your walls at Christmas time as it is…..

Here is an easy way to recycle old Christmas cards, Holiday sheet music (my fave), holiday scrapbook paper, or pages from an old Christmas book.

You will need:

ephemera of your choice (eg., old sheet music , cards, book pages etc)

Wood board (available at any craft store)

Your choice of paint

Drawer pulls (I got these on clearance at Anthropologie, but you can get them at any hardware or craft store)

Small drill or Dremel tool

Decoupage glue

Embellishments and ribbon of your choice


Prepare and paint your boards the color of your choice.    After paint is dry, place your paper or card on the board in the position that you wish.


Make a small mark where you want the drawer pull “hook” to go.  Drill a small hole on mark.  Do this before Decoupaging!!


Decoupage your paper element to your board and let dry.    When dry, gently fasten your drawer pull to the drill hole on your board until secure.


Distress your board, embellish with stickers or rub-ons (shown) or whatever else you fancy.  Attach a nail tooth hook on back for hanging or use with small easel.  


Craft Camp–Wrap up

wow!  what a week!  what a fun few days we had doing the first annual “Craft Camp”!

Just a few highlights…..

Here is some salvaged plywood painted with chalkboard paint that served as the Welcome sign and also the place where the day’s activities were posted (in my kitchen no less…)

Remember the place mats from last week’s how-2?  Happen to notice that it included a menu?  Here is a sample of breakfast one morning….a nice treat for the girls who love all things fancy….

We learned how to make…..



MUSIC COVERED INITALS (or an introduction to the world of Modge Podge)



I have to credit Pillows a-la mode for this cute idea.  Check out her cloth place mat bags here.

There were Craft Camp t-shirts to sign with fabric pens and foot/hand painted canvases to decorate with bright paint

and…lots and lots of giggles and imagination.

Already talk of Craft Camp 2013….

I will let the happy residue of the last few days sit with me a bit before thinking about that….

have a great week’s end.


The Friday How-to–fabric meets music

did you make it through the week?

fabric meets music today…a nice combo and easy diy.

get out your modge podge and let’s get started!

you will need:

1.  a Styrofoam ball or found object of your choice.  i picked up the finial at the Lobby for cheap!

2.  decoupage such as Modge Podge.  Glossy works best.

3.  your music.  you are going to tear in to strips.

4.  your fabric.  you are also going to tear this in to strips.

first:  tear or cut your music in to approx. 1/2″ to 1″ wide strips depending on the size of your ball or object.

second:  using tape or a tape runner attach your strips around the ball turning the ball as you go.  taping the paper down first helps hold it in place before you apply the decoupage.

 third:  after you have taped down your paper strips, apply a coat of decoupage all around the ball.  don’t be afraid to fold down parts of your paper that are sticking up….the end result will be a smooth covered ball/object.

fourth:  allow your decoupaged object to dry completely.

fifth:  tear your fabric into 1/2″-1″ strips.

sixth:  using straight pins to hold in place, wrap a few strips around your ball/object.  after you have the look you desire, you can hot glue the ends of the fabric to your object.  you may also want to put a coat of decoupage on the fabric as well.  i did so on the finial and it turned out way cool.

and you are done!

i found a stick in the backyard and poked it through the bottom of this one….

embellish as you find fulfilling and you can use more fabric than music or the other way around!

enjoy the weekend…and a wonderful father’s day to all you great dads!