The Friday How-to: Washi tape votives and a give-away!

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A fantastic Friday to you!!

Gearing up for the fattening, fun and crafty holiday known as Valentine’s day.   Here is an easy peasy (as my kids would say) way to spruce up those table top votives for your Valentine’s decor.

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You will Need:

*  Clear glass votive candle holder

* Washi tape.  You can get this awesome tape at your craft store, or check this site out on Etsy:   The Washi Shop.

* Hot glue gun

* Garden twine and/or ribbon

*Valentines embellishments/stickers


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I like Washi tape because it is easy to use and it is transparent…the light from your candle will glow nicely through the holder.   Begin at the bottom and slowly and as evenly as possible, wrap the tape around the candle holder working your way up.

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Make sure the entire holder is wrapped.

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Hot glue one end of your twine to the candle holder.  Then wrap the twine around the holder to your desired thickness.

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After you are done wrapping, hot glue the other end to the existing twine to secure.

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Embellish with a cut-out heart and/or stickers of your choice.

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You can also wrap paper around the body of the candle and accent with the Washi tape and twine for a different effect and look.

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Use a flame less tea light or regular votive candle—–easy, cheap and pretty—who could wish for more?!

Now the best part….

Like this post and/or leave a comment to enter to receive one of these candles for a give-away!!

I will announce the winner on Monday.

Have a warm-hearted weekend!  dcb


The Friday How-to: Music Wrapped Initial

It is a cold and snowy Friday here in Colorado…..

Get out your modge podge…..time for another decoupage project….!


Wood or chip board initial.  You can make yourself or conveniently buy at your local craft shop.

Old/unusable sheet music, book page, dictionary page or page from a children’s book.

Decoupage glue

scissors/pencil for tracing

embellishments of choice


First:  Trace letter on to paper sheet.  Use two sheets as you will be cutting to cover both sides of letter.


Cut out your image (remember to cut two).  Make sure you are relatively exact on this part….


Apply a thin layer of decoupage to your letter first and then a coat to the back side of your cut image.  Place paper on letter and match up all sides.  If you happen to be a bit off, you can add paper and/or trim later.  Lastly, add a thin coat of decoupage to the entire top of letter.  You will do this to both sides.

Let letter dry completely and I promise any “bumps”  with your paper will go away.

Embellish or leave plain and there you go….

These are awesome for a wedding gift as you can embellish the date of their wedding right on to the letter.  Also great for a baby gift with their date of birth.  For a Christmas mantle….just embellish with a Christmas theme.  The possibilities are endless!

Have a wonderful weekend….no matter what your weather might be!  dcb

The Friday How-to–fabric meets music

did you make it through the week?

fabric meets music today…a nice combo and easy diy.

get out your modge podge and let’s get started!

you will need:

1.  a Styrofoam ball or found object of your choice.  i picked up the finial at the Lobby for cheap!

2.  decoupage such as Modge Podge.  Glossy works best.

3.  your music.  you are going to tear in to strips.

4.  your fabric.  you are also going to tear this in to strips.

first:  tear or cut your music in to approx. 1/2″ to 1″ wide strips depending on the size of your ball or object.

second:  using tape or a tape runner attach your strips around the ball turning the ball as you go.  taping the paper down first helps hold it in place before you apply the decoupage.

 third:  after you have taped down your paper strips, apply a coat of decoupage all around the ball.  don’t be afraid to fold down parts of your paper that are sticking up….the end result will be a smooth covered ball/object.

fourth:  allow your decoupaged object to dry completely.

fifth:  tear your fabric into 1/2″-1″ strips.

sixth:  using straight pins to hold in place, wrap a few strips around your ball/object.  after you have the look you desire, you can hot glue the ends of the fabric to your object.  you may also want to put a coat of decoupage on the fabric as well.  i did so on the finial and it turned out way cool.

and you are done!

i found a stick in the backyard and poked it through the bottom of this one….

embellish as you find fulfilling and you can use more fabric than music or the other way around!

enjoy the weekend…and a wonderful father’s day to all you great dads!


today’s note–the song of motherhood

today’s quick note—a precursor if you will, to mother’s day…. that day when we will devote all of our thoughts and praises to our moms.

and rightly so.  our mothers do so much for us and will continue their unceasing duties of love, (from earth or above) in years to come.

perhaps it all goes a bit deeper than the sugary sweet sentiments we will give to our beloved madres on Sunday.

our mothers represent memories…precious, dear, forlorn and often bittersweet memories of our childhood.  and nothing evokes those memories than the sound…the music of our mother’s voice.

it has been said, and i believe this to be true, that we can identify our mother’s voice even among the sound of a  hundred other maternal voices presented to us at the same time.

it is the song of motherhood.


thank your mom for her song….for better or worse…it is one only the two of you know how to sing.