DIY Sheet Music Easter Eggs

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Hello fine people….it is snowing here in Colorado….hard to think about Spring and Easter eggs.

Here is a simple DIY to spruce up your Easter decor and/or tabletop this year.  As you know, upcycling antique music is my thang….but you could use pages from a child’s Easter book, dictionary pages from the letter “E” for Easter, or just about any thin wrap-able paper medium.

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You will need:

*blank craft grade Easter eggs (almost any craft store will have these)

*thin, wrap-able paper of choice

*Modge Podge or decoupage

*ribbon and embellishments

You will begin by ripping or cutting your paper in to strips.   Lightly coat  your egg with decoupage using a paint brush.  Apply your strips of paper covering the entire surface of the egg.   Using your brush, apply a second coat of decoupage over the paper covered egg to give it a nice sheen finish.   For a more complete tutorial on decoupaging paper click here.

Decorate with ribbon and embellish as you wish!  Modge Podge comes in a variety of hues—try this project using Modge Podge “sparkle” for an even brighter effect!

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have a great rest of your weekend!   dcb

The Friday How-2….Music wrapped candle replay

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Hi sweet people….

Just a quick note to refresh some previous candle-themed posts and to highlight this new addition to my Etsy shop.

Click here for the original DIY…

I can’t tell you how easy these music wrapped candles have become.  

There are so many variations:

*Pictured above is obviously uber spring–couldn’t wait …..

*Rip out the page of an old dictionary on the pages “love”, “Valentine”, “sweet” or any other V-Day related word.  Circle the word with a red Sharpie, embellish, and you have a cute Valentine’s Day Candle.

* Embellish the front of the candle with a chip board initial

*  The possibilities are endless….have one?  Do tell!!

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Have an incredible weekend!  dcb

The Friday How-2: Music Ornament

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Good Friday everyone!!

I am trusting that you are in the throws of happy decorating and crafting for the Christmas season.  If you are still looking for a cute and easy gift for the hostess of  your holiday party, gift for a teacher or piano teacher…’s how-2 is for you!!


You will need:

* a plain, clear, craft glass ornament of any size.  You can find these at your local craft store.

* shredded music, book, dictionary page or other ephemera. 

* embellishments of your choice.  I used Christmas rub-on decals for this one.

* ribbon for hanging.



The tops of these craft glass ornaments come off by squeezing the top and pulling out the pronged top attachment.  Insert your shreds of paper through the exposed hole.  Fill until you have the look desired.  Replace the top of the ornament.  Rub on your decal or attach your embellishment to the face of the ornament.  Pull the ribbon through the top of the ornament for hanging.


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Have a great weekend and happy ornament making!!  dcb

The Friday How-2: Shredded Music Thanksgiving Placecard

Happy Countdown to Turkey day……

Yet another way to use that shredded music to make your Thanksgiving table top unique and the topic of dinner conversation.

Very simple:  

*Reuse your old baby food jars, jelly jars or other small jar.

*Fill with long strips of old music (dictionary, book or other pages work well too).

*Tie with twine or other ribbon and attach a tag with a name, saying, or word to fit your Thanksgiving theme.

*Top with a Fall vase filler such as mini pumpkins (shown), acorns, a candy treat or whatever else your heart desires.

The possibilities are endless!


as your reward for reading all the way through this sweet little blog….


Winner will receive a 16 oz. bag of shredded vintage sheet music to use for holiday decorating!

Just like this blog and/or leave a comment here to enter!

Winner will be announced on Monday, November 19.   Good Luck!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.    dcb

The Friday How-to: DIY Board Hooks

Happy Friday everyone…..

As if you don’t have enough to put up on your walls at Christmas time as it is…..

Here is an easy way to recycle old Christmas cards, Holiday sheet music (my fave), holiday scrapbook paper, or pages from an old Christmas book.

You will need:

ephemera of your choice (eg., old sheet music , cards, book pages etc)

Wood board (available at any craft store)

Your choice of paint

Drawer pulls (I got these on clearance at Anthropologie, but you can get them at any hardware or craft store)

Small drill or Dremel tool

Decoupage glue

Embellishments and ribbon of your choice


Prepare and paint your boards the color of your choice.    After paint is dry, place your paper or card on the board in the position that you wish.


Make a small mark where you want the drawer pull “hook” to go.  Drill a small hole on mark.  Do this before Decoupaging!!


Decoupage your paper element to your board and let dry.    When dry, gently fasten your drawer pull to the drill hole on your board until secure.


Distress your board, embellish with stickers or rub-ons (shown) or whatever else you fancy.  Attach a nail tooth hook on back for hanging or use with small easel.  

The Friday How-to: Music Wrapped Initial

It is a cold and snowy Friday here in Colorado…..

Get out your modge podge…..time for another decoupage project….!


Wood or chip board initial.  You can make yourself or conveniently buy at your local craft shop.

Old/unusable sheet music, book page, dictionary page or page from a children’s book.

Decoupage glue

scissors/pencil for tracing

embellishments of choice


First:  Trace letter on to paper sheet.  Use two sheets as you will be cutting to cover both sides of letter.


Cut out your image (remember to cut two).  Make sure you are relatively exact on this part….


Apply a thin layer of decoupage to your letter first and then a coat to the back side of your cut image.  Place paper on letter and match up all sides.  If you happen to be a bit off, you can add paper and/or trim later.  Lastly, add a thin coat of decoupage to the entire top of letter.  You will do this to both sides.

Let letter dry completely and I promise any “bumps”  with your paper will go away.

Embellish or leave plain and there you go….

These are awesome for a wedding gift as you can embellish the date of their wedding right on to the letter.  Also great for a baby gift with their date of birth.  For a Christmas mantle….just embellish with a Christmas theme.  The possibilities are endless!

Have a wonderful weekend….no matter what your weather might be!  dcb

The Friday How-to: rethinking wall space

Ok….another estate sale…this time with BFF from Montana….

“what are these?”  she mused,  “I don’t know, but aren’t they uber cool?”  I quipped….”and I must have them….”

And so, one latte and $7.00 later said BFF and I were loading above items into my car.

Truth be known.   I have know idea what these are…and if you know, keep it to yourself because I am sure I have now destroyed their original purpose and re-used them for my own decorating hubris.

Today’s highnote is celebrating that wonderful side to all of us that rethinks the traditional.  In this case, some boring wall space.

Donned with one single framed picture….I knew I needed to give a large wall in my family room a face lift.  Down the picture went and up went the new found objects that I decided to use as wall decor and a place to hang some small photos.

Here’s how that went:

i loved how the original looked, however, my wall was a light color already so I decided to paint them black.  I then went hard with the finishing sand paper to bring back their “oldness”.

leftover curtain clips and antique numbered nail heads were ideas to hang the pictures from the objects.

a red frame to break up the scene with color and shape….of course some vintage sheet music, and some recent landscape photos (I can change out super easy) made an otherwise boring wall now somewhat interesting….

the titles for the sheet music are no accident….our family room is full of “Moorish Dances” and plenty of “pillow fights”–

Is’t everyone’s?

have a great weekend….dcb

The Friday How-to– easy music envelopes

a happy first Friday to you all…..

before we get to today’s fab how-to….

the winner of wednesday’s giveaway goes to……….

charming trinity!

congrats…you won a package of vintage music!

you all should check her out on  !!

ok, back to the business of the how-to….

these snappy diy envelopes are super easy and extremely versatile!

first:  select your music sheet

most vintage sheet music runs about 11″ by 14″ long.  this is a great size for a larger envelope.  you can cut your page down  depending on what size envelope you need.  this how-to will be using the entire sheet and making a larger envelope.  finished size:  5″ by 7 1/2″.

second: the folding of your envelope

working lengthwise, fold the bottom edge up approx. 1 1/2″ to 2″.

fold corners down to meet edge

take each side and fold in to the middle; overlapping folds

third:  punch holes to attach folds

working from the inside of your envelope, punch a hole going through all inside folds from both the top and bottom of your envelope.

fourth:  run ribbon, twine or string through the holes

tada!  and just look at all these uses!!

small gift card holder

large greeting card envelope

gift envelope for your handmade soap

hey!  go to  to get your scrumptious soap ideas to go along with your new fancy envelope!

used frappachino bottle with herbs…..great hostess gift!

photo envelope

show me what you used yours for!!   send me your pics!

have a terrific weekend!    dcb

the friday how-to–music garland

it’s friday!

over the long and inspiring weekend you may want to get your craft on and do this music garland!  an easy and elegant way to show those wonderful photos, kid projects, party banner and more!

ok…first:  cut your paper strips

you will want to cut your music, book paper or favorite scrapbooking paper (or a combo of each…yay) in approximately 3″ x 11 1/2″ strips.  you can make them wider, but i would not recommend making the strips any longer. you will want your loops to be nice and round.

second: make your loops

using a tape runner or double-sided tape, apply adhesive to one end of your strip.  then, take the other end and place underneath affixing to the exposed side of your adhesive.  viola! you now have your first loop.  the proceeding strips will be strung through the loops before the ends are taped together.

third: string your loops together

interlock your loops togther and attach the ends of each loop with your tape runner or double-sided tape.  you can make this as long or as short as you would like.  i tied tule ribbon at the end of this garland to give it a bit of a finish.

fourth:  attach inspiring photos/artwork

you can use paper clips, binder clips or clothes pins.  you like the music covered clothespins?  they will be in another friday how-to so keep an eye out for it!

hoping you have a wonderful, restful  long weekend full of inspiring moments to remember.


today’s note–turn the uninspired into the wonderful….

in a post about a month ago–i asked the question: “what inspires you”?  although many of you did not respond….i know that you all are brimming full of inspiration.

this week’s friday how-to will help display some of that inspiration (stay tuned!) ….so if you have some inspiring photos to share….bring it!!

here is a recap of that which inspires me….

” write music with an exclamation point!”
Richard Wagner, composer 1813 – 1883