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The High Note is celebrating one year and over 100 followers!

A big thank you to all of you for supporting this fun adventure….

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Shredded Antique Sheet Music

Custom Note Cards


a Music Wrapped Candle

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“I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Gilbert K. Chesterton

The Friday How-to: DIY Board Hooks

Happy Friday everyone…..

As if you don’t have enough to put up on your walls at Christmas time as it is…..

Here is an easy way to recycle old Christmas cards, Holiday sheet music (my fave), holiday scrapbook paper, or pages from an old Christmas book.

You will need:

ephemera of your choice (eg., old sheet music , cards, book pages etc)

Wood board (available at any craft store)

Your choice of paint

Drawer pulls (I got these on clearance at Anthropologie, but you can get them at any hardware or craft store)

Small drill or Dremel tool

Decoupage glue

Embellishments and ribbon of your choice


Prepare and paint your boards the color of your choice.    After paint is dry, place your paper or card on the board in the position that you wish.


Make a small mark where you want the drawer pull “hook” to go.  Drill a small hole on mark.  Do this before Decoupaging!!


Decoupage your paper element to your board and let dry.    When dry, gently fasten your drawer pull to the drill hole on your board until secure.


Distress your board, embellish with stickers or rub-ons (shown) or whatever else you fancy.  Attach a nail tooth hook on back for hanging or use with small easel.  

Ding! I’ts time to turn the page….

You may not have realized it, but there was no Friday how-2 last week….

I was instead, consumed with moving my dear parents from their home of 50 years to a smaller house nearer to me and our family.

If you have ever done this task, then you know how bitter sweet it can be.  This was the house I grew up in and for better or for worse, I have a truck load the size of a moving van full of memories from that place….

I found a box.   A box full of my old records.   Not vintage sheet music….but definitely vintage music to say the least.  A treasure of unusable possessions.  I am sure that I will find some use for them, but for now, they serve as pleasant reminders of all the high notes of being a kiddo….

If you are a forty-something like me, then you will remember the days of 45 records and the record players that came with the cute dolls that played (although not well) the glam pink and purple plastic cuties that I would listen to for hours on end.

My first LP?  Saturday Night Fever.  A soundtrack that goes to a movie that I can honestly say I have never seen.  It was rated R and I was 8.

My first 45?  Le Freak or “Freak Out” by Chic.  And yes, I had a satin jacket.   And yes, I did a dance to this song in my school’s talent show…..

Who didn’t?!

And who can forget that sound of the bell….instructing us young readers to turn the page as we read along to our favorite books on record….so many of our generation now have a Pavlovian like response to that ding….but instead of salivating, we instinctively have the urge to cuddle with a olive green corduroy pillow and read a Disney story….

Ah…the Little Red Hen….who knew what a precursor to motherhood that one was going to be……?

So, it is time to turn the page…..

Here’s to my house on corner and to all of our childhood homes..may the high notes of those times provoke a good thought or two for you today and in the days to come.

The Friday How-to: Music Wrapped Initial

It is a cold and snowy Friday here in Colorado…..

Get out your modge podge…..time for another decoupage project….!


Wood or chip board initial.  You can make yourself or conveniently buy at your local craft shop.

Old/unusable sheet music, book page, dictionary page or page from a children’s book.

Decoupage glue

scissors/pencil for tracing

embellishments of choice


First:  Trace letter on to paper sheet.  Use two sheets as you will be cutting to cover both sides of letter.


Cut out your image (remember to cut two).  Make sure you are relatively exact on this part….


Apply a thin layer of decoupage to your letter first and then a coat to the back side of your cut image.  Place paper on letter and match up all sides.  If you happen to be a bit off, you can add paper and/or trim later.  Lastly, add a thin coat of decoupage to the entire top of letter.  You will do this to both sides.

Let letter dry completely and I promise any “bumps”  with your paper will go away.

Embellish or leave plain and there you go….

These are awesome for a wedding gift as you can embellish the date of their wedding right on to the letter.  Also great for a baby gift with their date of birth.  For a Christmas mantle….just embellish with a Christmas theme.  The possibilities are endless!

Have a wonderful weekend….no matter what your weather might be!  dcb

The Friday How-2–baby keepsake photo holder

good end of week to you…

new baby in the neighborhood….can’t just give the kid a blankie from Target…have to have something homemade and cute…..

Here is the how to:

FIRST….Paint and cover a plain piece of unfinished wood…any size or shape.  Most craft stores carry unfinished wood boards for crafting.  Your local hardware store will also cut you a piece if you say please….

don’t worry about bumps with your glue or decoupage….you will cover most of the background anyway…

SECOND:  a bit of the high notes….add some vintage music, pages from your favorite children’s book and the like.

these music pages are from a very old church hymnal.  I thought it fitting for this baby gift since he was an answered prayer!

THIRD….Add your embellishments.  I used chip board letters for the baby’s initials, a rub-on sentiment, and  a piece of scrap ribbon…

FOURTH:  Stamp on the baby’s date of birth.  use your stamp and ink of choice!  I titled the numbers to give a bit more character to the piece….

FIFTH:  Add your picture holder.  These clips are at any office supply store and can easily be attached with a glue gun.  You can also shake a can of spray paint at it to change the color of t he clip if you’d like….

and there you go!  One super cute homemade keepsake for new baby.  the great thing about this diy is that the mommy can keep changing out the pictures as the baby grows!

have a great weekend everyone!  dcb

The Friday How-To….nifty iron-on & a giveaway!

a friend of mine recently asked about how to use computer iron-on transfers….i referred her to an earlier post  for a music pillow diy on the highnotedotnet, but thought that maybe you all could use a refresher…..and perhaps a new diy.

you can purchase computer iron-on transfer paper at just about any fabric or hobby store.  it is extremely versatile and I have become addicted to the ease in which you can use it on just about everything.

follow the instructions on your paper’s label, making sure you wash your fabric first.  Print your image out as a mirror image (also on the paper’s instructions), cut closely around your image and iron-on…it is that simple.  more pics and specifics?….again go here .

here are a couple of uses:

a guest towel, napkin or tea-towel

a framed piece of muslin or burlap

and of course, the ever so popular…..t-shirt….(too tired this morning to iron it perfect …)


today’s giveaway?  a free downdload of the above image to use for yourself!  (insert applause)

and everyone is a winner!!

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have a terrific weekend…..dcb

The Friday how-2….a shredded give-away!

ok…there are really no instructions for today’s diy.  i have found so many uses for shredded, old, unusable music and i am sure you will as well.

so…cut long strips with scissors, rip up by hand, or shred with a personal shredder (i finally broke down and purchased for around $40).


here are just a few uses:

fill a gift bag, basket, cellophane gift bag or bucket to add filler to your gifts…

i found these buckets at Michaels, but any party, paper or craft store carries them.  hide your gift inside….decorate the outside and it is two gifts in one!

these little jars are filled with 11″ long by 1/4″ wide cut strips.  roll them in to the jar and place a tea light on top!  small jars like this are all over etsy OR use old baby food jars for the same effect!

YAY!  it is a give-away day!  I am giving away one 16 oz. bag of shredded music!!

you know what to do….

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winner will be announced Monday!


have a great weekend…stay cool!   dcb


the friday how-to–music garland

it’s friday!

over the long and inspiring weekend you may want to get your craft on and do this music garland!  an easy and elegant way to show those wonderful photos, kid projects, party banner and more!

ok…first:  cut your paper strips

you will want to cut your music, book paper or favorite scrapbooking paper (or a combo of each…yay) in approximately 3″ x 11 1/2″ strips.  you can make them wider, but i would not recommend making the strips any longer. you will want your loops to be nice and round.

second: make your loops

using a tape runner or double-sided tape, apply adhesive to one end of your strip.  then, take the other end and place underneath affixing to the exposed side of your adhesive.  viola! you now have your first loop.  the proceeding strips will be strung through the loops before the ends are taped together.

third: string your loops together

interlock your loops togther and attach the ends of each loop with your tape runner or double-sided tape.  you can make this as long or as short as you would like.  i tied tule ribbon at the end of this garland to give it a bit of a finish.

fourth:  attach inspiring photos/artwork

you can use paper clips, binder clips or clothes pins.  you like the music covered clothespins?  they will be in another friday how-to so keep an eye out for it!

hoping you have a wonderful, restful  long weekend full of inspiring moments to remember.


the friday how-to–a mother’s day card giveaway

horray! it is almost mother’s day!! if you read wednesday’s note you will already know the theme of these cute and very easy mother’s day cards.

but wait! there’s more!

i have a giveaway today!

stay tuned to the bottom of this post…..

how-to: Mother’s Day card

first: get your supplies

*a blank card for decorating

*your fave piece of vintage music (or other really cool paper)
*A quote about Motherhood from your computer, a fave image about Mothers, a photo….you choose!

*some embellishments—flowers, ribbon, found objects–be sentimentally creative!

*runners tape or other paper adhesive

second: Cut your music to fit your card

third:  adhere music to card

using a tape runner  (recommended) or glue place the music on your card. You may wish to leave a bit of a border around your vintage piece. I chose this piece of music that was a bit frayed and had blue type ink—fabulous!

fourth: Print out your quote/image

check out my blog roll for the link to the daily drop cap. this genius has designed several capital letters for blogging, crafting and the like. that is where i got my “M”. i just copied and pasted to a word document and then added my own words. i also chose to print out on paper i tore out from an old journal. you can use regular paper, cardstock, or get fancy with vellum!

fifth: cut and place your print out on your card and embellish!

place your print out using your tape runner or glue anywhere you wish on your card. i used some cute little flowers, but just about anything special to tack on there will do!

Ok…so here is the fun part!
i am giving away a set of four of these cuties!! “but, it’s too close to mother’s day,” you say? “I will never get them in time,” you claim!
not to worry! i will still give you four cards, but the winner gets to choose the theme! (thank you, hello, birthday, fathers day etc.).

to win:
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the more ways you enter the better your chances to win! 

have a great weekend and for you moms….a very blessed mother’s day.